Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Any prog rock fans in the house?

What better way to say hello than to mix music genre slang. Except to say, hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL Gravity Tree blog. But wait, why does this blog exist? And who writes this thing?

The second question first: Some of you know me as GravityDrmmr. Other folks call me Alan. I participate in a music group (as there are all kinds of groups, I had to specify it as music in nature) called Gravity Tree. We play a fairly non-commercial blend of guitar-drenched noise many folks call progressive rock, or prog rock, if you will. Some call it art rock, avant-prog, or any number of other things but by now you've gotten the idea.

There are a number of reasons why we decided to come late to the blog party and start one of these things.
One was that I wanted a place to communicate to fans and interested bystanders without all the usual glitter, hype, pomp and what-have-you. So there aren't any flashing banners, pop-ups or swirling advertisements insisting that you buy our stuff or someone else's.

Another reason was that we didn't really have a stand-alone blog. There's a news page on our website, but the site's gotten fairly large and there are other more interesting pages to be found there. We have a blog on MySpace, but we're finding a number of fans just aren't on MySpace or just don't like it up there. This blog is for those folks.

I'll try to keep it up-to-date with any really critical band news. But mostly I'll probably ramble on about music, ours and others. We'll see where this goes.

For now, thanks for stopping by. Talk at you soon.