Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The End of Life or Dessert?

If you've followed our Tweets, you know that our album Life or Dessert? is out-of-print. It is now at a point where new copies are scarce.

So it seemed worthwhile to rundown where CDs are still available just in case anyone put off picking it up until the very last minute...Life or Dessert?
As of the date of this blog:

CDBaby: 2 copies in stock

Amazon: 1 copy in stock

(The Amazon page says "more on the way" but we're not sure where they could be getting these; the usual distributor has only 1 copy in their warehouse.)

HBDirect states they have "low stock", which we believe to mean they have 1 copy

...and that's it. Every other store we know of says "unavailable" or "out-of-stock". After a lengthy search, we sent off the last couple of new copies we were able to find anywhere to CDBaby a few weeks ago.

Of course you can always download Life or Dessert? from a dozen or so sites. All legitimate download and steaming sites we know of are listed on our Links page.

One other thing to be said here about downloads is that we miss all the artwork you can get with a physical CD. Most download sites might give you the front cover, rarely the back, and almost never include the insert artwork. Some of the sensory experience one can have in listening and looking at a new album is now lost in these digital download versions. We hope the artwork all comes back, and that download sites will make a greater effort to include the visual experience, perhaps in a pdf or something - the term digital booklet is thrown around now and that is fine as well.

Also note that Gravity Tree currently has no plans to re-release Life or Dessert?, but if there were enough interest of course it would be considered - most likely as a special remastered something or other.

Until then it appears we might have reached the end of Life or Dessert?

Gravity Tree would like to thank all the friends and fans who have supported the group with their ownership of a copy of Life or Dessert?, either physical or digital. More music is on its way...