Monday, March 29, 2010

Guitar solos and bridges

This week's summary finds Linc working on guitar solos and parts for one of the new songs, and Alan working out a bridge on another.

Gravity Tree are also posting more music from the first 2 CDs on some of the newer sites and music shops, so if you're missing something and want MP3s, be sure to check out the band's music at Boost in the next few weeks or so.

That's one of the places all the new music will be posted, and where you can already find the latest Gravity Tree song, "BUILDING".

More next week...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As our friends on Twitter ( suspect, and fans who take our newsletter already know, Gravity Tree is in the midst of work on no less than 5 new songs. While we've made some good progress on one especially, we're withholding a release date for a little longer, as drummer/keyboardist Alan splits his time between band recording and a remix project (we'll talk about that in the future).

All the new material will ultimately be available on the next full length album. Many will be available beforehand as digital singles at shops like Boost Independent Music. One of the reasons we're at Boost music is because they offer such a good deal on MP3 downloads - as low as 69 cents US. Here's a link to our Boost page:

BTW, if you know of a good online shop you'd like to see our music in, drop us a
note here or comment on our MySpace page.

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Station IDs

Several weeks ago now Gravity Tree was asked to do a 'station ID', if you will, for a progressive rock website. So if you're listening to Power of Prog and you hear us talking at you, don't be too surprised.

We're back to work on new songs after unexpected delays that kept Alan out of the studio for about a month. Four new songs are in the works and barring any further delays, the first of them should make it to download sites in the next few weeks. Look out for it!