Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gravity Tree on Slacker

Those who use Slacker for their web music and streaming needs can find us here:

You can find our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD

and our earlier album LIFE OR DESSERT?...

...More news soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Free fan-only CWTD Halloween Download

Here we are in late October, already!

Some of you have noticed Gravity Tree on the various social networks as we promote our seasonally appropriate song, Conversing with the Dead (aka CWTD). We didn't write it that way; it just seems to fall into the Halloween camp.

The new material is still being hatched as it were. Meanwhile, we thought we'd share CWTD with our friends and fans who might not have grabbed it here or have yet to own the album on which it originally appeared, ULTIMATE BACKWARD.

So if you're already on our email list (or sign up quick!), you'll be able to get a free download of CWTD. Just head over to our page at ReverbNation to download Conversing with the Dead or use this link:

It's a small way of doing something for Halloween for our friends and fans to say "thanks".

(Full disclaimer: The download is the original version of CWTD. If you want the 2011 remastered hi-resolution version, it's on BandCamp for just a buck; we couldn't work out the freebie there and can't post the hi-rez stuff with ReverbNation yet.)

This freebie is only offered through Halloween (October 31st) at which time it turns into a pumpkin? don't delay.

To recap:

Conversing with the Dead. FREE MP3. Now through Friday midnight PDT.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The End of Life or Dessert?

If you've followed our Tweets, you know that our album Life or Dessert? is out-of-print. It is now at a point where new copies are scarce.

So it seemed worthwhile to rundown where CDs are still available just in case anyone put off picking it up until the very last minute...Life or Dessert?
As of the date of this blog:

CDBaby: 2 copies in stock

Amazon: 1 copy in stock

(The Amazon page says "more on the way" but we're not sure where they could be getting these; the usual distributor has only 1 copy in their warehouse.)

HBDirect states they have "low stock", which we believe to mean they have 1 copy

...and that's it. Every other store we know of says "unavailable" or "out-of-stock". After a lengthy search, we sent off the last couple of new copies we were able to find anywhere to CDBaby a few weeks ago.

Of course you can always download Life or Dessert? from a dozen or so sites. All legitimate download and steaming sites we know of are listed on our Links page.

One other thing to be said here about downloads is that we miss all the artwork you can get with a physical CD. Most download sites might give you the front cover, rarely the back, and almost never include the insert artwork. Some of the sensory experience one can have in listening and looking at a new album is now lost in these digital download versions. We hope the artwork all comes back, and that download sites will make a greater effort to include the visual experience, perhaps in a pdf or something - the term digital booklet is thrown around now and that is fine as well.

Also note that Gravity Tree currently has no plans to re-release Life or Dessert?, but if there were enough interest of course it would be considered - most likely as a special remastered something or other.

Until then it appears we might have reached the end of Life or Dessert?

Gravity Tree would like to thank all the friends and fans who have supported the group with their ownership of a copy of Life or Dessert?, either physical or digital. More music is on its way...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gravity Tree @ Beats Music

Those who have been paying attention have already noticed a Beats Music logo on the links page on this site...So the story goes like this:

Beats Music Gravity Tree were on a site called MOG, and had all the currently released music up there. One day recently that changed: MOG was taken over by the company that runs Beats Music; in an unexpected twist, they decided to keep all of this #ProgRock noise online. Does that mean Gravity Tree is trendy?

The main Gravity Tree page on Beats Music:

...and the short url:

A short url for Ultimate Backward on Beats:

BTW our earlier album Life or Dessert? is getting pretty hard to find as it is out-of-print, so while you may not be able to buy a CD, you can still download it, or now go to Beats and listen.

Here is the short url for Life or Dessert? at Beats:

More new places to find Gravity Tree music will post soon...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ultimate Backward on XBox Music

Our #ProgRock album Ultimate Backward has its very own page on Xbox Music:

Here's the short URL:

Gravity Tree @ Xbox

Hear the whole album or just your favorite tracks (!).
Do us a favor and share it with your peeps using their "share" button - if you would be so kind...

More new links will be posted here soon, as well as news on the work-in-progress songs we'll be dropping this year. 

You can also read (and subscribe to) the newsletter, which just posted. Listed in the latest edition are quite a few new places to hear our music. We'll be getting as much of our back catalog up on Xbox Music ASAP.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ultimate Backward Now Playing on Rdio

Our #progrock album Ultimate Backward can now be heard on Rdio!


If you don't have a Rdio account already, accounts are free and you can listen to the entire album!

We'll have more music over there very soon.
Also expect some brand new music from Gravity Tree later this year...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wait Added to SoundCloud

You can now find our song Wait on our SoundCloud playlist. The instrumental also has its own page.
Or, follow the link here:

You can also check out our SoundCloud player (in a previous post, below) - you'll see it added.

We're currently at work on a new song for release later this summer. Come back to the blog for more in a week or two...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help Us Promote Wait

Help Gravity Tree get noisy! We're trying a song promotion and you can help out...

Tell Atlas Radio / that you want to hear our prog noise in the stores they provide music for.
(Just think, a proggy-rock instrumental playing while you're shopping or whatever...)

To help, just post to their Facebook wall, and request the instrumental song, Wait, by Gravity Tree.

Here's where to post:

(Wait originally appeared on our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD, and you can listen to the song here; or listen to the song on Spotify.)

You can also Re-Tweet our original Twitter post about the promo, which is here.

Gravity Tree thanks you for your support!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Prog Rock on Spotify

This was Tweeted out some time ago, but the blog is finally being updated: Gravity Tree has the song Building and the album Ultimate Backward on Spotify.

Here's a link and a Gravity Tree Spotify playlist...

You might also be interested in hearing one of Alan's soundtrack cues called Afloat, which is now also available on Spotify. It's a sort of ambient-beat synth piece - not prog, but a cue from Alan's soundtrack music catalog - what he does when he's not writing for Gravity Tree.