Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Very Progressive Christmas

Melodic Revolution Records has announced the release of "A Very Progressive Christmas", a new compilation disc featuring the music of several popular progressive music groups - including Gravity Tree. Download singles will be available Friday, November 27 (one day after Thanksgiving); and the album itself will be released Tuesday, December 1.

The album includes the Gravity Tree song "Wait", newly remastered just for this special holiday release.

More information can be found by clicking on the banner (above) or by viewing the press release HERE.

We hope you enjoy the music. Happy Holidays from Gravity Tree!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our prog rock is now on iLike

Progressive rock duo Gravity Tree (that's us!) is now on iLike. "Life or Dessert?", our first CD, is there now, and songs from the CD "Ultimate Backward" should show up soon. You can also 'Like' our songs on Facebook, and it appears Purevolume has adopted a similar voting method, if not the same.

So make sure you stop by and 'like' us. Here's the link to our music on iLike:

Also: we will soon be posting news about a holiday-themed compilation disc, so look for that on our next blog in the next few days (a week or so?)...

Until then, don't forget to 'Like' us on iLike, Facebook, or Purevolume.

Thanks for listening,

Gravity Tree

more links:

Official site
More info
our new song: Building
free 3-song EP

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazon has lower price on LOD

Our 1st progressive rock CD, "Life or Dessert?" has been at for some time, but they've just dropped the price to $7.99 US. That's a physical CD, and we were sort of surprised that they actually have it in stock (since we pretty much don't).

Here's the link:

BTW they also have downloads of all the songs from LOD and its avant-prog follow-up, "Ultimate Backward". Right now, however the "Life or Dessert?" CD is actually cheaper than the download!

Still, CDs are great for gifts, as the holidays are rolling up (somehow, already!).

Happy shopping.


Monday, November 2, 2009

15 cent per download sale

There is a major sale on "ULTIMATE BACKWARD", the latest avant-prog album from prog-rock duo Gravity Tree.

Amie Street Music is selling "ULTIMATE BACKWARD" for $2 or less as a download, and individual MP3 downloads for as low as 15 cents.

You read that right. Here's the link:

They have an interesting pricing structure over there: the sooner you buy, the cheaper the download or album. So last time we checked, you could get our songs for 15 cents a piece, and the whole album for a dollar fifty!

Obviously, prices won't stay that low forever. So if you don't have our album "ULTIMATE BACKWARD", or are missing a few downloads, now is the time to grab some new progressive music, for pretty close to free.