Monday, October 18, 2010

3rd Gravity Tree song on Jango internet radio

A third Gravity Tree song has been added to the track list on Jango internet radio .

When you 'tune in' (it's free), you can hear the song "Wait", in addition to "Aim to Please" and the latest G.T. song, "Building".
"Wait" was originally released on the album Ultimate Backward.

Last year a newly remastered version of "Wait" appeared on the special holiday compilation album, "A Very Progressive Christmas, Vol. 1" from Melodic Revolution Records. (Now that the holidays are - unbelievably - about to roll around again, you can grab the album or single download(s) from Mindawn.)

But you don't need to buy a thing: just head over to Jango, and listen to "Wait" and 2 other Gravity Tree songs...for free.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Gravity Tree music page on Facebook

We've recently added a new page on our Facebook profile. Among other things, it has a music player, links to our website, and other goodies. It's a long url, so we have a nice short version here:

Right now the music has mostly clips, but you can hear full length versions of our latest song, "Building", plus a remastered version of "Falling in 3s", and an old favorite (practically a different style altogether, wouldn't you agree?) Minnies Tree.

Here's some trivia: Minnies was actually the very first song Gravity Tree released, way back in the mid-'90's...on red vinyl! The song was eventually re-mixed and included on the album Life or Dessert?.

We'll be getting more full-length tracks from Ultimate Backward up on Facebook for you to hear and stream as soon as we can.

And remember, you can get our song Aim to Please as a free download by signing up over here.