Friday, June 25, 2010


There is another spin-off site of, called Soundunwound . They set up a Gravity Tree page for us there:

Not really what we'd call a social network site at all, but more like their version of All Music Guide . The difference is that it looks like anyone can contribute more directly to the content. For example, Alan has been able to go in and add quite a bit of data (bio, etc.) even though we didn't set up the page.

We would be curious to see any of your contributions, if you are so inclined...

It looks like the site is still in Beta (and they've already changed the look of the site twice!), so we'll have to watch and see how it develops.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gravity Tree on eMusic

Our prog rock web single BUILDING has made it to popular music site, eMusic:

This marks the first of our catalog to make it onto this site. Hopefully we can work through the details with our distributor and get everything else up there as well.

Monday, June 14, 2010

More full-length song previews

In a recent blog, we talked about a few places to hear full-length cuts of Gravity Tree music (instead of 30 second samples like many places).

We neglected to mention a site that not only lets you hear all the music at full length, but lets you grab it at what has to be some of the lowest prices on the web (try 69 cents per MP3!).

It's Boost Independent Music:

We've mentioned this site before, but perhaps overlooked the full-length preview feature, which is pretty cool. You can find our latest song, "Building", there - as well as many others, and songs from our catalog are added every couple of weeks or so. Check it out.

We recently posted a remastered version of "Falling in 3s" on a few sites like Boost and ReverbNation. The song originally appeared on our album "Life or Dessert?", but we think this version is a noticeable improvement in fidelity.

Finally, we're getting dangerously close to completing what will become the next new download. We'll post news as soon as it's available!

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Gravity Tree page for Building on our official site.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

iLike and lastfm

You can now 'like' the latest Gravity Tree song, "BUILDING", on iLike (or any site carrying our music that has a 'Like' button - we appreciate any likes you give us!). BUILDING, along with many other Gravity Tree songs, can be heard at this link:

There is also a music app for iLike on Facebook, so you of course, can find our music there.

You can also find our music at, including the latest song.