Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Million Plays

The 3 Million Mark: Big Number on a small scale... 

How unlikely it is, that this experimental, progressive noise
could hit the 3 Million mark on NumberOneMusic (or anywhere for that 
matter)...but it has happened nonetheless! 

Some time ago, Gravity Tree posted a number of odd and unusual
pieces on N1M. 

3,000,000 plays later, perhaps the lesson is that music lovers are
indeed looking for something different. 

Gravity Tree are truly grateful to all who helped make it to 3 Million. Even in the absence of a new album, the fanbase is growing in anticipation of the next giant noise bomb.

For the uninitiated, one can get Gravity Tree music (some might use the term "music" loosely; "noise" is also acceptable) all over the place: 

iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby, you get the picture.

You can get free music, news and surprises, at NumberOneMusic or at the group's homebase on the interwebs.

Another crazy thing: The soundtrack/game music Alan (Gravity Tree's drummer/synthesist) has composed for many years, has suddenly become slightly popular. Without any warning, Alan's ReverbNation page made the Top 10 in its genre. There are hardly any fans listed there (so much for analytics!), but it happened anyway. 

So Alan's in the Top 10, and Gravity Tree hits 3 Million plays.

For those that made this happen: thanks for listening...3 Million times!