Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aim to Please on AiiRadio.net

Beginning this week, you'll be able to hear Aim to Please by tuning in to web radio www.aiiradio.net.

Aiiradio is a web site/station that serves up a lot of tasty independent progressive music (as well as a bit of comedy). We've been giving it a listen of late and liked what we heard, so we were pretty excited when they approached us to put our songs in rotation.

Aim to Please is the first song of ours to be featured on aiiradio.net, but we're sure it won't be the last, and we hope to have more songs from Ultimate Backward included in their prog rock programming. They also have a chatroom and forums, as well as the live streaming. Make sure you tune in and check out all the cool prog rock tuneage...head over to their site for all the details.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gravity Tree Newsletter delays + MySpace music

Gravity Tree is having issues with one of the main service providers that assists them with the regular newsletter. If you haven't seen anything recently in your inbox, this would be the cause.

If you are on our new format mail list, everything is fine and you should see a newsletter over the holiday weekend. If you're on our old list (N1M), you might want to sign up for the new one (and get our song Falling in 3s for free as well).


But the band is hard at work on new music, to be sure.

Also, you can now hear 22 Gravity Tree songs at full-length, on MySpace.
There are links in the playlists to allow you to purchase any song or album as well (through Amazon.com).

There are links to one of the main playlists...


...and to the song page...


This has been a long time coming, and we're very happy to finally have it in place. (btw, the main music player on www.myspace.com/gravitytree may not have these links yet. They reside on new song and album pages MySpace has set up.)

We hope your holidays continue to be safe and happy.

Gravity Tree


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wait, Remastered, Now Available as FLAC, MP3, AAC

It is the holiday season once again! With Black Friday behind us, and Cyber Monday (plus who knows how many other 'sales events') at hand, you are most likely picking and pondering over gifts and lists. Perhaps you are wrestling over what to get that picky music listener who may already own the entire King Crimson, Yes and/or Flower Kings catalogs. We have a couple of ideas...

Melodic Revolution Records has released Vol.2 of A Progressive Christmas, which features some great, modern prog bands, and even a little Vivaldi. We encourage you to check it out.

Also of note to our fans, the Gravity Tree Ultimate Backward instrumental "Wait", which was featured on the original Melodic Revolution Records release, "A Very Progressive Christmas, Vol.1", is available again this year. Our song was carefully remastered especially for this holiday album. Here's a direct link to the new "Wait" page:


You can listen to the song full-length, as well as all the songs from both volumes, at Melodic Revolution Records' web pages.

You will find "Wait" available in several download formats (your choice at download), including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and FLAC. For the audiophiles in our ranks, this FLAC file is about as close to our original master as anything we've heard so far in a compressed format file.

Be sure to check it out.



Thanks for listening, and happy holidays!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhapsody and the Delay Effect

We're happy to announce that after a long delay in posting, followed by technical issues, "Building" is now ready to play and download on Rhapsody! Here's the short link:


Thanks to CDBaby for help with this issue, and to Rhapsody for resolving it on their end in timely fashion.

We should tell you that this and other events had caused us to delay any further music releases. We know some of you have been waiting awhile, and we wanted you to know what has been going on to cause this delay.

We have been concerned about releasing more downloads for a myriad of reasons, and several things led to the delay: Tech issues at Rhapsody and other sites; the 'new' and possibly unstable overhauls going on with sites like MySpace and others; and some recent issues with distribution. (It didn't help that Alan injured himself, causing him to stay off the drums for a number of weeks. Getting back up to speed took a little longer than expected - there is no excuse for sloppy drum tracks!)

Bottom line: It's no good for us to tell you new music is out, and then discover it isn't working right, or isn't available as promised. Our confidence that we had a working pipeline to all our listeners was low. So rather than frustrate you, we put on the brakes, and decided to work on what we could fix, and wait on what we couldn't.

But that's behind us. We're encouraged that things are moving forward with stores and our distributors, and feel better about releasing new music soon. We'll be focusing on getting the songs (and some new merch) out to you in the near future, and our fans and friends who get our newsletter will get a heads-up in advance, and early access before everyone else.

We're working on the release of at least 2 new songs before the end of the year, and some cool merch too. So stay tuned.

Thanks for listening!


Monday, October 18, 2010

3rd Gravity Tree song on Jango internet radio

A third Gravity Tree song has been added to the track list on Jango internet radio .


When you 'tune in' (it's free), you can hear the song "Wait", in addition to "Aim to Please" and the latest G.T. song, "Building".
"Wait" was originally released on the album Ultimate Backward.

Last year a newly remastered version of "Wait" appeared on the special holiday compilation album, "A Very Progressive Christmas, Vol. 1" from Melodic Revolution Records. (Now that the holidays are - unbelievably - about to roll around again, you can grab the album or single download(s) from Mindawn.)

But you don't need to buy a thing: just head over to Jango, and listen to "Wait" and 2 other Gravity Tree songs...for free.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Gravity Tree music page on Facebook

We've recently added a new page on our Facebook profile. Among other things, it has a music player, links to our website, and other goodies. It's a long url, so we have a nice short version here:


Right now the music has mostly clips, but you can hear full length versions of our latest song, "Building", plus a remastered version of "Falling in 3s", and an old favorite (practically a different style altogether, wouldn't you agree?) Minnies Tree.

Here's some trivia: Minnies was actually the very first song Gravity Tree released, way back in the mid-'90's...on red vinyl! The song was eventually re-mixed and included on the album Life or Dessert?.

We'll be getting more full-length tracks from Ultimate Backward up on Facebook for you to hear and stream as soon as we can.

And remember, you can get our song Aim to Please as a free download by signing up over here.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gravity Tree Store at Amazon here, Amie Street gone

As some of you have probably realized, our links to our pages at Amie Street Music (amiestreet . com) now lead to Amazon.com. Amie Street was recently acquired by Amazon, and the changeover took place this morning (09/22). We are in the process of changing our links and removing the Amie Street banners and players from our sites.

You can always find our music at the Gravity Tree Store at Amazon, at these links:




Plus, our latest song download, Building, is here:


This was of course out of our control, but we know it's a bit confusing. We apologize, and thank you again for listening!


BTW, you can find more places to get our songs at our links page.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jango Internet Radio, more song news and updates

Gravity Tree has been finding new friends and fans from airplay on Jango internet radio. Can we still call it airplay?

Be sure and stop by and give a listen (it's free!). Jango will be adding more songs soon. They've set up a Gravity Tree page there:


More updates: Still trying to get the Gravity Tree Yahoo Group a little more current. Wondering if these kinds of sites are just giving way to Facebook and Twitter...

As for the latest song, it's been delayed by some unforseen events, including an injury Alan sustained which limited his ability to finish the drum tracks. He's all better now, so Gravity Tree is back in record mode again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Song and Links Page Updates

If you check the links page on the Gravity Tree Yahoo Group , you'll find more updated and added links over the last few weeks. We're trying to get things current there as much as possible. Some newer links include:

Ultimate Backward and Life or Dessert? downloads at the Wal-Mart online shop:


Many Gravity Tree songs are on Yahoo Music


"Building" on LimeWire:


"Ultimate Backward" also on LimeWire:


As for the latest song, it's been obviously delayed by some unforseen events, including an injury Alan sustained which is limiting his ability to finish the drum tracks. Once totally healed up and finished, you'll get an announcement and links for the new song.

More news next week...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask Gravity Tree a question

Do you have a band-related question for Gravity Tree? We have a new way for you to ask us.

On the newsletter sign-up mini-site, there's a new page for fan questions. Just type in whatever you've been wondering about concerning Gravity Tree and the music, and give us an email address (so we can reply). Just go to:


You can also get our newsletter (about once or twice a month on average) which gets you free Gravity Tree music, news about releases and other events before anyone else, and other fan-exclusive content.

You don't have to sign up when you send us a question, but you'll miss out on the free music. So when you send us your question and sign up, you get a free song and a newsletter, along with your answer, directly from one of us. Not a bad rate of return these days.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Music coming...

New music coming in August(?)

We're working hard to put out a new Gravity Tree song next month.

There will be an announcement on the group pages, through the newsletter, and of course this blog, when the actual release date is close at hand.

We think this song is a bit different from what you might expect from us (think 'further out there'), but still represents the Gravity Tree sound. (Perhaps a bit more old school progressive rock than usual? Who are we to say - you can judge soon enough.)

Until then, thanks for listening!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zune has Gravity Tree - Ultimate Backward, Life or Dessert?, Building

We have another site you can add to your list of places to find Gravity Tree music: Zune. We have a shortened url for them here:


Or, just type Gravity Tree in the search box at:

They now have all 23 songs we've released online. (Get more details in the next fan newsletter.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Indie Music and iTunes

The subject looks like we're being conceited, but Great Indie Music is actually the name of a music website.

Gravity Tree has all of our downloadable music over there now, including our latest prog rock song, "Building". .

Ultimate Backward

Life or Dessert?


Another cool thing we discovered - and we're not sure how long this has been working, but it's definitely a more recent development: iTunes now lets you type the url into your browser (like you'd expected all along). To get to us, just add a "/" and "gravitytree" to the standard "itunes.com" and it'll send you to all our music there.


Friday, June 25, 2010


There is another spin-off site of Amazon.com, called Soundunwound . They set up a Gravity Tree page for us there:


Not really what we'd call a social network site at all, but more like their version of All Music Guide . The difference is that it looks like anyone can contribute more directly to the content. For example, Alan has been able to go in and add quite a bit of data (bio, etc.) even though we didn't set up the page.

We would be curious to see any of your contributions, if you are so inclined...


It looks like the site is still in Beta (and they've already changed the look of the site twice!), so we'll have to watch and see how it develops.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gravity Tree on eMusic

Our prog rock web single BUILDING has made it to popular music site, eMusic:


This marks the first of our catalog to make it onto this site. Hopefully we can work through the details with our distributor and get everything else up there as well.

Monday, June 14, 2010

More full-length song previews

In a recent blog, we talked about a few places to hear full-length cuts of Gravity Tree music (instead of 30 second samples like many places).

We neglected to mention a site that not only lets you hear all the music at full length, but lets you grab it at what has to be some of the lowest prices on the web (try 69 cents per MP3!).

It's Boost Independent Music:


We've mentioned this site before, but perhaps overlooked the full-length preview feature, which is pretty cool. You can find our latest song, "Building", there - as well as many others, and songs from our catalog are added every couple of weeks or so. Check it out.

We recently posted a remastered version of "Falling in 3s" on a few sites like Boost and ReverbNation. The song originally appeared on our album "Life or Dessert?", but we think this version is a noticeable improvement in fidelity.

Finally, we're getting dangerously close to completing what will become the next new download. We'll post news as soon as it's available!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *







Gravity Tree page for Building on our official site.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

iLike and lastfm

You can now 'like' the latest Gravity Tree song, "BUILDING", on iLike (or any site carrying our music that has a 'Like' button - we appreciate any likes you give us!). BUILDING, along with many other Gravity Tree songs, can be heard at this link: http://bit.ly/ilikeBuilding.

There is also a music app for iLike on Facebook, so you of course, can find our music there.

You can also find our music at last.fm, including the latest song.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hear the whole song: Building

How do you shop for new music? It used to be you could hear something on the radio (even progressive rock!), go to a store and get it.

But radio isn't what it used to be, and if your tastes - like ours - run way outside the mainstream, good luck finding one radio station with one show with your favorite genre. So people like us have all gone to the web and to apps like iTunes to find strange, experimentally new music. Sound about right to you?

Here's one problem: so many places just want to give you a 30 second clip (understandable given all the piracy, but a little frustrating when trying to figure out what the song is really like). Depending on where the store edits the song for the clip, that might not include the verse or the chorus or the main theme of the piece.

When we're able to control what clips get put up, Gravity Tree tries to feature the 'best' or most important part of the song. But we know a lot of you just want to hear the whole thing, for free, just like radio (well sort of).

You can now go to the Gravity Tree page on MySpace and ReverbNation to hear the full-length version of our latest song, "Building".

There are several helpful links to get you over the stores that carry "Building" on these pages, should you decide to own it for yourself (hint, hint), stick it on your iPod, or whatever you do with your downloads (?). Hopefully you'll like what you hear. We're working on making it available for listening on Facebook soon as well.

We're also working on something even better than just listening to the songs on these sites...but that news will have to wait ;-)

Coming soon: more news about new music and T-Shirts.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

iTunes, Amazon, Napster have latest prog song Building

Last week we announced our latest prog rock song "Building" on CDBaby. Now it's time to get your iPod ready: this week you can download "Building" from iTunes! Just follow this handy link:

If you are less of an iTunes person, and would rather shop at Amazon, we've got you covered:

Plus, "Building" can be found with all our music at CDBaby:

Building is also on the new Beta version of Napster:

So now you have more choices: CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Napster.

You can also inquire about licensing "Building" for film, TV and other media).

More at our Building page at the Gravity Tree website.

More news and new progressive music coming soon.




Friday, May 7, 2010

Download our Building

CDBaby is now carrying our latest song, BUILDING. It's offered as a standard MP3 that you can play on pretty much any player - no DRM!

Here's the link to BUILDING at CDBaby.com:


...an alternate link is:


CDBaby has just started allowing artists to sell 'singles' as downloads - without having to post an entire EP or album to do it. So we got right to work to get it up there for you.

Here's the song description from the site:

"With a slice of introspective '80's vibe, analog synthesizers embrace dissonant chords and low bass, guitars crash in reverse, drums crack, the vocalist cries...the soloist saws against the bricks, stacked high on the downbeat."

What do you think? BUILDING, out now, at CDBaby.

Thanks for listening!


btw - If you already have Building - thanks for supporting our music, and please pass the new links around to friends who might like our song!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No News, Good News?

Is no news good news?

That is how we sometimes feel while checking out local broadcast news (often filled with death and destruction). No thanks.

In our case, we have little to report this week. Two songs out of the five have made some small progress - less than we'd like. These 2 are 95% written and all the delays are in the musical arrangements, and the recording process.

Meanwhile Alan worked on some tech stuff in the studio, while trying to improve his drum sound (there's always room for improvement in just about any endeavor). And we got some UPC data worked out (because we don't do it much and so forget) for the next releases. And if we lost you on the last point, then you know how we felt doing it ;-)

And that's it; the week flew by...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beta Napster has Gravity Tree prog rock

Anyone check out the new Beta version of Napster? For the most part, we like the new layout, especially the darker color scheme (for those who care ;-o). btw they actually pay artists for downloads now - it's completely legit these days.

Anyway, you can find most of our music there. We say 'most', because the new downloads like Building are exclusive to other sites, like our own webstore.

So if you like to get your music from Napster, be sure to check us out over there.

Okay, back to the studio to work on those new songs...


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes you can't get back

Sometimes you just can't get back into the studio...

Besides trying to finish taxes (!), last week found me working out a few ideas for our upcoming video.

Gravity Tree is also working up some new T-Shirt designs which just might see the light of day this time around ;-)

All these tangents, of course, were necessary, if not always well-planned. Back in the studio we go once again. Hint: the next song's acronym is FTWHC...we'd like to hear from any of you on what that might stand for. Until next time...

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Guitar, please

A short entry this time, as things are quite busy at Studio192. Guitar tracking continues for the new songs, and Alan has been working up charts for more upcoming recordings.

There were also talks concerning a new video, work for which should be getting underway next month. More on this and the new songs in an upcoming newsletter...that's it for now.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Download Interference

In this week's update, we wanted to mention that we recently added our 8 minute+ song (epic?) "Interference" to the Gravity Tree  downloads now available at the Boost Independent Music shop. (The song Interference is originally from the album Ultimate Backward .)

We're a featured artist there as well. You can find us easily, by choosing "progressive" from the "browse by music style" menu on the site's main page.

In addition to the music-in-progress, Gravity Tree has been updating their pages at ReverbNation.com. We've been steadily climbing the charts over there, which is a little strange for us - even appearing on charts. We'll try not to get too popular ;-)

For those on spring break, we hope it's happy (and safe!)...and our fans on our mailing list can xpect the April newsletter soon.

Hear Interference

Listen to more prog rock

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guitar solos and bridges

This week's summary finds Linc working on guitar solos and parts for one of the new songs, and Alan working out a bridge on another.

Gravity Tree are also posting more music from the first 2 CDs on some of the newer sites and music shops, so if you're missing something and want MP3s, be sure to check out the band's music at Boost in the next few weeks or so.

That's one of the places all the new music will be posted, and where you can already find the latest Gravity Tree song, "BUILDING".

More next week...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As our friends on Twitter (http://twitter.com/gravitytree) suspect, and fans who take our newsletter already know, Gravity Tree is in the midst of work on no less than 5 new songs. While we've made some good progress on one especially, we're withholding a release date for a little longer, as drummer/keyboardist Alan splits his time between band recording and a remix project (we'll talk about that in the future).

All the new material will ultimately be available on the next full length album. Many will be available beforehand as digital singles at shops like Boost Independent Music. One of the reasons we're at Boost music is because they offer such a good deal on MP3 downloads - as low as 69 cents US. Here's a link to our Boost page:


BTW, if you know of a good online shop you'd like to see our music in, drop us a
note here or comment on our MySpace page.

Thanks for listening.


Find us on Facebook

Grab our free 3-song EP at:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Station IDs

Several weeks ago now Gravity Tree was asked to do a 'station ID', if you will, for a progressive rock website. So if you're listening to Power of Prog and you hear us talking at you, don't be too surprised.

We're back to work on new songs after unexpected delays that kept Alan out of the studio for about a month. Four new songs are in the works and barring any further delays, the first of them should make it to download sites in the next few weeks. Look out for it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gravity Tree in 2009: A Last Look

As we say goodbye to 2009, we remember some fairly amazing things that happened for us. It's been a busy year for Gravity Tree, and we hope it was a good year for all of you.
Way back in February we released a 3-song EP (for free! Drop us a note if you've been a fan and didn't get it);

In the spring and over the summer we hit some big numbers on the music sites, including one million plays on the Progressive chart at NumberOneMusic; and were making some good progress again at last, on writing and recording for the new album.

In September, we released a brand new song, "Building", as a web-only download (you have your copy, right?). Among other things, it hit #1 in its genre on RadioIndy, and #6 on the NumberOneMusic.com progressive chart. Yeah, we were surprised too - should we be worried?


At the end of November, we released a newly remastered version of our song "Wait" appearing on Melodic Revolution Records' new holiday compilation disc, "A Very Progressive Christmas: Vol. I". ("A Very Progressive Christmas" was the fifth compilation disc we've been a part of over the last seven years.) As of this writing, it is still in the Top 5 selling albums at the Mindawn music site. We were honored to be included, and hope you've had a chance to check out the sonically superior new version of the song. If not, it's still available for download here:


The end of the year finds us at work on more new songs. With all of this going on (plus trying to catch a little sleep once in a while, teach a guitar lesson, or write some new music for someone else), we've learned our lesson about guessing when music gets done; and will let you know as soon as we have a firm release date.

Which brings us to the end our quick look back at 2009. Now we can look forward to giving you some bold new progressive music to match what we hope will be an exciting new year.


BTW, if you're really interested in we do, join the street team and help us tell everyone about this crazy music. (In return, you'll get free stuff.)