Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ending the Year with Chart Topping Highs

That sounds like a pop band's blog title, but it has become a bit crazy-weird at years-end.

First, our prog rock noisemaking broke into the Top 40 on two different and unrelated sites, ReverbNation and NumberOneMusic. In a recent newsletter, the unreasoning voice of Gravity Tree appealed to their fans to help them go further. But what happened was even more unexpected.

On ReverbNation, Gravity Tree climbed as high as #13 on the Rock charts. Over on N1M, the song Interference went to #6 on their US Rock chart, and all the way to #2 on the Progressive chart! This isn't a 3 minute, 3 chord wonder, mind you, but an 8+ minute piece. 

It didn't stay there long, because our song Threes Too actually bumped it out of the #2 slot. No, really.
The song Building also faired well in the month of December, rising to #14. Hey we're not making this up - how crazy is that?

We can't thank our fans and friends enough for doing the impossible this year, and hope the forthcoming new songs will help communicate our thanks for your sustaining support. BTW, if you aren't getting our newsletter (and in the latest issues' case, 3 free downloads), you can sign up here and join in on the noise.

Looking forward to even crazier events in 2014, we hope yours is healthy, happy and prosperous.

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays from Gravity Tree


Our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD is now on sale at!
When you buy one CD, you can get a second copy at 50% off; so pick up one as a gift to a prog rock-loving friend, and keep a 2nd for yourself :)

Plus, the MP3 album download of ULTIMATE BACKWARD is just $5.99.

Our single crossover-Prog piece BUILDING is half off as well (download only):

If you're missing either of these releases, we hope you'll take advantage of the sale. These deals are good thru January 1st.

Meanwhile, holidays notwithstanding, Gravity Tree is at work on new songs. The blogs will update as soon as we have a demo or two. There will also be some detail on all the chart-topping action - if you can believe that!

Until then, Happy Holidays from Gravity Tree!