Monday, June 22, 2009

3 Song progressive rock EP - FREE - from Gravity Tree

We haven't sent out an email in awhile, as we've been busy
recording the new
album, due out later this year.

While you're waiting, please help yourself to our:


We've put together three special mixes of songs from the past 2 CDs. The EP Includes:

Aim to Please, Harmonic Indulgence, and Wait

The EP is available as a free stream for listening, or as a download, through the music site Jamendo.
If you don't have these songs already, be sure to grab the EP.

Follow this link to our official Gravity Tree site's special fans-only EP download page:

Next time, an update on the progress of the new album, and a brand new
never-before released song, coming in July!

Until then, thanks for listening.

Gravity Tree

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