Monday, June 14, 2010

More full-length song previews

In a recent blog, we talked about a few places to hear full-length cuts of Gravity Tree music (instead of 30 second samples like many places).

We neglected to mention a site that not only lets you hear all the music at full length, but lets you grab it at what has to be some of the lowest prices on the web (try 69 cents per MP3!).

It's Boost Independent Music:

We've mentioned this site before, but perhaps overlooked the full-length preview feature, which is pretty cool. You can find our latest song, "Building", there - as well as many others, and songs from our catalog are added every couple of weeks or so. Check it out.

We recently posted a remastered version of "Falling in 3s" on a few sites like Boost and ReverbNation. The song originally appeared on our album "Life or Dessert?", but we think this version is a noticeable improvement in fidelity.

Finally, we're getting dangerously close to completing what will become the next new download. We'll post news as soon as it's available!

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Gravity Tree page for Building on our official site.

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