Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask Gravity Tree a question

Do you have a band-related question for Gravity Tree? We have a new way for you to ask us.

On the newsletter sign-up mini-site, there's a new page for fan questions. Just type in whatever you've been wondering about concerning Gravity Tree and the music, and give us an email address (so we can reply). Just go to:

You can also get our newsletter (about once or twice a month on average) which gets you free Gravity Tree music, news about releases and other events before anyone else, and other fan-exclusive content.

You don't have to sign up when you send us a question, but you'll miss out on the free music. So when you send us your question and sign up, you get a free song and a newsletter, along with your answer, directly from one of us. Not a bad rate of return these days.

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