Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Gravity Tree music page on Facebook

We've recently added a new page on our Facebook profile. Among other things, it has a music player, links to our website, and other goodies. It's a long url, so we have a nice short version here:

Right now the music has mostly clips, but you can hear full length versions of our latest song, "Building", plus a remastered version of "Falling in 3s", and an old favorite (practically a different style altogether, wouldn't you agree?) Minnies Tree.

Here's some trivia: Minnies was actually the very first song Gravity Tree released, way back in the mid-'90's...on red vinyl! The song was eventually re-mixed and included on the album Life or Dessert?.

We'll be getting more full-length tracks from Ultimate Backward up on Facebook for you to hear and stream as soon as we can.

And remember, you can get our song Aim to Please as a free download by signing up over here.

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