Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhapsody and the Delay Effect

We're happy to announce that after a long delay in posting, followed by technical issues, "Building" is now ready to play and download on Rhapsody! Here's the short link:

Thanks to CDBaby for help with this issue, and to Rhapsody for resolving it on their end in timely fashion.

We should tell you that this and other events had caused us to delay any further music releases. We know some of you have been waiting awhile, and we wanted you to know what has been going on to cause this delay.

We have been concerned about releasing more downloads for a myriad of reasons, and several things led to the delay: Tech issues at Rhapsody and other sites; the 'new' and possibly unstable overhauls going on with sites like MySpace and others; and some recent issues with distribution. (It didn't help that Alan injured himself, causing him to stay off the drums for a number of weeks. Getting back up to speed took a little longer than expected - there is no excuse for sloppy drum tracks!)

Bottom line: It's no good for us to tell you new music is out, and then discover it isn't working right, or isn't available as promised. Our confidence that we had a working pipeline to all our listeners was low. So rather than frustrate you, we put on the brakes, and decided to work on what we could fix, and wait on what we couldn't.

But that's behind us. We're encouraged that things are moving forward with stores and our distributors, and feel better about releasing new music soon. We'll be focusing on getting the songs (and some new merch) out to you in the near future, and our fans and friends who get our newsletter will get a heads-up in advance, and early access before everyone else.

We're working on the release of at least 2 new songs before the end of the year, and some cool merch too. So stay tuned.

Thanks for listening!

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