Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gravity Tree Newsletter delays + MySpace music

Gravity Tree is having issues with one of the main service providers that assists them with the regular newsletter. If you haven't seen anything recently in your inbox, this would be the cause.

If you are on our new format mail list, everything is fine and you should see a newsletter over the holiday weekend. If you're on our old list (N1M), you might want to sign up for the new one (and get our song Falling in 3s for free as well).

But the band is hard at work on new music, to be sure.

Also, you can now hear 22 Gravity Tree songs at full-length, on MySpace.
There are links in the playlists to allow you to purchase any song or album as well (through

There are links to one of the main playlists...

...and to the song page...

This has been a long time coming, and we're very happy to finally have it in place. (btw, the main music player on may not have these links yet. They reside on new song and album pages MySpace has set up.)

We hope your holidays continue to be safe and happy.

Gravity Tree

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GravityDrmmr said...

There's another link to the album page, in case you can't make your way there thru MySpace's myriad layers: