Friday, May 7, 2010

Download our Building

CDBaby is now carrying our latest song, BUILDING. It's offered as a standard MP3 that you can play on pretty much any player - no DRM!

Here's the link to BUILDING at alternate link is:

CDBaby has just started allowing artists to sell 'singles' as downloads - without having to post an entire EP or album to do it. So we got right to work to get it up there for you.

Here's the song description from the site:

"With a slice of introspective '80's vibe, analog synthesizers embrace dissonant chords and low bass, guitars crash in reverse, drums crack, the vocalist cries...the soloist saws against the bricks, stacked high on the downbeat."

What do you think? BUILDING, out now, at CDBaby.

Thanks for listening!

btw - If you already have Building - thanks for supporting our music, and please pass the new links around to friends who might like our song!

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