Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hear the whole song: Building

How do you shop for new music? It used to be you could hear something on the radio (even progressive rock!), go to a store and get it.

But radio isn't what it used to be, and if your tastes - like ours - run way outside the mainstream, good luck finding one radio station with one show with your favorite genre. So people like us have all gone to the web and to apps like iTunes to find strange, experimentally new music. Sound about right to you?

Here's one problem: so many places just want to give you a 30 second clip (understandable given all the piracy, but a little frustrating when trying to figure out what the song is really like). Depending on where the store edits the song for the clip, that might not include the verse or the chorus or the main theme of the piece.

When we're able to control what clips get put up, Gravity Tree tries to feature the 'best' or most important part of the song. But we know a lot of you just want to hear the whole thing, for free, just like radio (well sort of).

You can now go to the Gravity Tree page on MySpace and ReverbNation to hear the full-length version of our latest song, "Building".

There are several helpful links to get you over the stores that carry "Building" on these pages, should you decide to own it for yourself (hint, hint), stick it on your iPod, or whatever you do with your downloads (?). Hopefully you'll like what you hear. We're working on making it available for listening on Facebook soon as well.

We're also working on something even better than just listening to the songs on these sites...but that news will have to wait ;-)

Coming soon: more news about new music and T-Shirts.

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